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Iso Perm - professional option perms, Option 2

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Iso Perm - professional option perms, Option 2

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ISO's exclusive, patented, thio-free formula utilizes Isoamine, a naturally derived waving agent. Isoamine penetrates more deeply and evenly into the hair than conventional waving agents without aggressively lifting the cuticle. Since the internal structure and integrity of the hair is not disrupted, there is no need for conditioning additives that can hinder the perming process. The result is resilient curls and healthy hair. 


Option 2 is designed for:

Every type of color treated hair
Previously permed hair

Experience the benefits of ISO Option 2:

Variable timing, maximum 20 minutes
Added pre wrap
No heat required

 Option 2

Hair Type  Hair Condition  End Result  Suggested Tool  Timing
 Fine or  medium  density  Every  type of  color-  treated  hair  Increased  body with  full circle  curl

 Increased  body with  wave
 Small to  medium  hair hard  surface  tool
         Large, soft  tool
Processing time will be reduced with higher porosity. Take a test curl after processing for 2 minutes and continue to take a test curl every 2-3 minutes. Maximum processing time: 20 minutes. 
  • Iso option 1 for normal and previously permed hair
  • Iso option 2 for every type color-treated hair
  • Iso option 3 for extra-firm curl on normal and resistant hair
  • Iso option exo is a damage-free exothermic perming for energized curls on longer and resistant hair
  • Please note that perm boxes are opened so that bottles can be taped and wrapped in bubble wrap..