Elegance Water Spray Bottle

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Elegance Water Spray Bottle

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Elegance Water Spray Bottle | 50% Longer Spray 

A unique spray bottle with a comfortable ergonomic curved design that fits perfectly in your hand while providing a powerful continuous super fine mist. Continuous spray - re­peated actuation produces an endless spray that helps to cover large areas quickly and easily. Less hand fatigue compared to standard triggers and fingertip spray bottles. Delightful to use, the new Elegance Spray Bottle comes in various colors to match your personality. Great performance spray bottle for barbers and hairstylist professionals.

  • Produces a continuous, super-fine mist to cover large areas more quickly
  • Distributes water evenly, optimizing the task and enabling great results
  • The ergonomic, beveled bottle is easy and comfortable to hold for long periods
  • Refillable and reusable, combining functionality with high-end looks
  • Available in black, white, and clear to match your style

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