Nioxin Brand Heritage

Nioxin began with one woman’s wish to make people feel good about themselves. Inspired by her own experience, Eva Graham made it her life’s mission to help men and women keep their hair.



Growing up an only child in the mountains of North West Carolina, nature was Eva’s playmate. She made perfume from rose petals, potions from roots and herbs and, following her mother’s footsteps, developed an instinctive understanding of the healing power of plants. Eva’s father was an inspiration: a handsome, uplifting man who always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Like all little girls, she would watch him shave and brush his hair. “Eva” he would say, “if only someone could find a way to stop a man losing his hair.” The seed was sown.

When Eva lost half of her own hair after giving birth – and found no real solution – her mind was made up. She began to cultivate a new approach to healthy hair, starting with the scalp. She read everything she could find on skin and hair. She visited dermatologists, attended medical conventions and listened to lectures in the car and realised that “the scalp is simply an extension of the face: it needs gentle ingredients to breathe and function correctly.” It was a simple but visionary idea and with just $500 dollars and a dream, Eva set to work. She started experimenting with herbs and botanicals at home and, from a small desk in her bedroom, built a network. She teamed up with biologists, chemists, pharmacologists and hairdressers and talked endlessly to consumers to create a revolutionary skin care company for hair.



In 1987, NIOXIN Research Laboratories is founded and the first products arrive in salon as “The Science of Living Hair."

When NIOXIN Research Laboratories was founded in 1987, women were going to the hairdressers once a week, shampooing every day and using a lot of harsh, aggressive products. The market was flooded with ineffective hair thickening products and men were trying new drug-based solutions with marginal success. Nobody was thinking about scalps. NIOXIN was the first salon brand to propose like-type cleansers, exfoliants and anti-aging ingredients for a youthful scalp complexion and healthier-looking hair. It represented a new hope, a new category, a whole new salon retail business.

Over the next three decades, NIOXIN Research Laboratories developed a wealth of innovative formulas to cleanse, restore and activate the scalp and hair. But the key to the brand’s success was knowledge. Right from the start, the company offered research-backed education to train hairdressers and beauty professionals on how to identify their clients’ needs and provide tailored treatments and product recommendations. Eva called it “creating the conversation” because above all else, NIOXIN is about making connections and helping people.



In the 1990s, NIOXIN becomes available in more and more countries, helping people all around the world. From 1993 to 2000, NIOXIN is used all around the globe, from Australia, to Hong Kong, from the UK to Brazil. Its increasing popularity and its unique benefits are acknowledged by everyone.



"In 1995, NIOXIN launches the Transactive Delivery System. Formulated with vitamins, it is a time-released delivery system for the scalp and hair. It helps safeguard against environmental residue and DHT build-up on the scalp. Four years later in 1999, NIOXIN creates the Scalp Respiratory Complex that helps improve scalp cell turnover by exfoliating dead skin cells."



Between 1996 and 1998, NIOXIN develops new products to strengthen hair growth and how beautiful hair begins.



Between 1999 and 2000, NIOXIN starts being seen as the non-drug alternative thanks to the innovative anti-aging technologies for hair & scalp.



In the 2000s, NIOXIN keeps becoming available in more and more countries around the world. Thanks to its incredible expansion, the innovative and unique brand helps every day more people, becoming a reference for hairdressers and customers looking for new solutions for thinning hair. Spreading to Asia, Europe and South Africa, the NIOXIN family increases its popularity around the globe.



IIn 2000, Co-Zyme10™ is launched. Enzyme, co-enzymes and co-factors provide cosmetic benefits to the hair and scalp to help reduce the appearance of aging.

In 2002, NIOXIN creates Glyco-Fused Complex™ which is formulated with herbs and botanicals to moisturize and helps safeguard the scalp fom chemical service resides.

In 2004, Activ-Renewal™ is developed. It is a concentrated blend of age defying botanicals and humectants that help provide a more youthful-looking scalp complexion and healthier-looking hair.

The same year, NIOXIN launches Smoothplex™, a unique blend of Silk Amino Acids and Kukui Nut Oil that adds moisture, natural shine and smooth control.

In 2005, the brand focuses on “Skin Care for the Scalp” with the launch of Scalp Access™ Delivery System and BioAMP™. Formulated with antioxidants, Scalp Access Delivery System™ is a unique micronutrient delivery system that effectively delivers moisturizing nutrients, antioxidants and cytokines onto the scalp skin. Helps safeguard against build-up of environmental residues on the scalp and is combined with SPF 15 sun protection.

The same year, NIOXIN develops BioAMP™. These glyco-proteins add thickness from inside the cuticle and strengthen the hair shaft, while cystine acids work to seal the cuticle and repair damage.

In 2007, Glyco-Color Shield™ is launched. This dual protection technology is designed to safeguard sclap skin and preserve hair color.



In 2008, thinning hair is on the rise and the need for thinning hair solutions increases. 100 million people experience thinning hair in the US: 6% more men and 46% more women than in 1999. The main cause identified after genetics is stress. *Source: Multi-Sponsor Survey/Gallup Consumer Survey TH



In 2017, NIOXIN wins the Favorite Fine/Thinning Hair Line for the 16th year in a row at the 2017 Stylist Choice Awards, thanks to all the amazing hairstylists and clients that voted for the brand.



Today, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Lithia Springs, GA, over 15 proprietary technologies and a global presence in over 30 countries, NIOXIN continues to define one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty industry – and the family is still growing, sharing and learning to help make people’s lives a little bit better, a little bit happier every day.

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